A short but busy week in RF

May 11, 2018 at 3:06 pm


This week seems to have been busier than ever after a very lovely Bank Holiday weekend.

The children have been solving lots of problems in Maths. The stimulus for this was a book called ‘1 is a snail, 10 is a crab’.

In the book there are some animals with different numbers of feet. The children worked out how to make different numbers using a combination of animals. Then they transferred what they had learned to solving similar problems using Numicon. The children thoroughly enjoyed solving the problems and will be able to tell you all about what they did.

Lots of other things have been happening this week including a visit to see the chickens on our farm, finding out about different animals and a game of cricket set up by the children.

Next week in phonics we are learning two new sounds: ‘ure’ and  ‘er’ and going over all the Phase 2 and 3 phonemes. In maths we will continue to work on addition and practise recognising and ordering numbers up to 20.

Have a lovely weekend

, from the RF team.

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RH News

May 11, 2018 at 11:07 am


We have had another busy week trying to get the Giant’s possessions back to him. On Monday we received a video call from Jack. Jack set the children a number of mathematical challenges in order to retrieve the golden coins. They had to solve additions and subtractions as well as solving problems involving doubling, one more and one less.

We managed to find the golden coins and they were sent to the Giant in a magic lift.


As well as completing the challenges set by Jack, we have completed lots of number work, looking at numbers 1-20. The children need to be able to understand the value of each number, the order of them and be able to say what one more or one less than the numbers are. We have completed lots of ordering tasks, missing numbers tasks and had a go at making our own number lines. I was very impressed by the children’s number formation and knowledge of numbers to 20. Almost all the children in the class can order number to 20 and write recognisable numbers to 20.


In phonics, we have learnt the new phoneme ‘ear’. This is a difficult phoneme for the children to remember so we have completed lots of work based around this phoneme. We have also continued our work learning the alphabet and have been revisiting and recapping the tricky words that we have learnt.


Balancing, moving, jumping, keeping fit, ball and racquet skills and so much more in PE…

Busy bees:


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Colours galore in Nursery!

May 11, 2018 at 7:22 am


It’s been a great week in Nursery and the children have certainly been making the most of the lovely weather, especially with the falling blossom!

Some of the week was spent preparing for the Rainbow party on Thursday – decorations and rainbow buns made. On the day of the party we wore rainbow coloured clothes, danced, played games, made rainbow toast and enjoyed eating healthy rainbow fruit kebabs.


This afternoon the children are going on a picnic to the park next to school (photos to follow next week)

In our phonic work we have been revising the letters learnt already so far s, a, t. This week’s phoneme is ‘p’. The children are getting really good at thinking of objects/words which start with ‘p’. We practise sounding out and blending CVC words such as pat, tap, pig.

In our number work we have been focusing on the number 8. Can you do 8 jumps? Tap your head 8 times? Can you count out 8 bricks? We also did some digit dancing which helped us to try and write the number 8.

The children have enjoyed using the pegs and boards to create different parents. Our stories this week have been around our family – what makes your family special? Who is in your family? Where do your family live? A number of children are really enjoying writing and will often take our orders for lunch or write letters to their family. A small group of children visited the farm and harvested some rhubarb to make rhubarb buns.

Farsley library trip

Thank you to those who have volunteered, we are still in the need of volunteers for Wednesday and Thursday afternoon.

Don’t forget to bring soft toys to school with the labels the children have started. Permission slips for the filming in the library are important too.

Spare clothes

Since September we have been using our supply of spare clothes to change children and now we are running short. If you have any spare socks, pants, trousers, tops please bring them in we will gladly make us of them!


Wishing you a fantastic weekend.

The Nursery team

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Authors in RF

May 4, 2018 at 3:10 pm



Last week we went to The Rainbow Factory and had a fantastic day experiencing the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. The children were so enthusiastic about story that we have had a story focus this week.

On Monday morning, the children arrived to discover a very tiny door had appeared on the corner of the whiteboard. They chatted amongst themselves as to where it might have come from or who it belonged to. The children suggested we have teams to be able to talk about the door so we used the very popular PE vests to distinguish each team. The children had some amazing ideas and we wrote them all down. Then each team drew a story map turning their ideas into stories. We also found pictures on the internet of various things they wanted in their stories such as castles and hens! The final stage of being authors was writing the stories. Each team wrote its own story with each child contributing to the writing. All the children in the team helped by reminding about capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. Everyone helped to sound out or spell the tricky words.

The children are very proud of their work and there are some photos below of all the stages but please have a look at the work in class and talk to your child about their work. We ended the week by acting out parts of our adventures in PE.

Next week we will be revising all the Phase 2 and 3 phonemes we have learned and doing lots of mathematical problem solving.

Have a good weekend, from the RF team.

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A mischievous visitor in RH!

May 4, 2018 at 2:39 pm


There has been so much excitement in RH this week.

It all started with some magic beans that had been left in the classroom. The children found them and planted them in some soil. The next day, the beans had turned into a beanstalk that had grown through the roof of the classroom.

The following day, the children came into the classroom to see some large footprints. It was assumed that the footprints belonged to the giant from Jack and the Beanstalk. We then received a giant letter from the giant explaining that he’d written to all the children. The children had to read their individual letters, decoding the words and reading tricky words correctly. In the letters, the giant explained that he had lost his golden coins, his magic harp and his golden eggs. He said he was feeling quite worried.

We soon realised that we didn’t have the items and that it was in fact Jack who had them as he took them from the top of the beanstalk. The children decided that they needed to contact the giant. They made a trampoline for the giant to land on after climbing down the beanstalk. They then left a note for the giant, made him a drink and some large sausages.

Whilst some children were busy trying to contact the giant, some other children were finding the giants belongings. They found his keys, his tooth and the harp.

Another group of children made a news report.


As well as all the exciting story telling and writing that has been happening this week, we have also been looking at the alphabet and ensuring that the children know the letter names as well as the letter sounds. It would be great if they could practise this at home.


In maths, the children have been showing their knowledge of numbers 1 -20. They were sent some numbers from the giant and they had to draw a picture to show the  value of the different numbers. They have also been filling in missing numbers on a numberline as the giant had stolen the numbers!

We have also been solving problems linked to Jack and the Beanstalk.

An example question:

Sadly, we have said a huge goodbye to Aniyah today who is leaving to go to another school nearer her home. We will miss her very much and we have had a little party this afternoon to say good bye.

Enjoy the long weekend and we’ll see you on Tuesday.

The RH team

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A trip to South Africa, Pirate party and so much more in Nursery!

May 4, 2018 at 1:26 pm


We have had a super busy week in Nursery this week not only have we had a Pirate party (see separate blog post), visited South Africa we also squeezed some learning in…

In phonics we revised the letters we have learnt s and a, this week’s letter was ‘t’. We found lots of objects which started with a t – tiger, table, tomato, ten. The children also did well blending and then segmenting words such as t-a-p = tap, t-o-p = top.

In mathematics we counted back from 10 and listened carefully to the number of claps we heard. We then counted the number of actions we did up to 6. The children were then introduced to the number 7. We talked about how to show the number 7:
“You go across then down”
“You can do 7 stars”
“You can draw 7 fingers”
We did some digit dancing which helped us to write the numbers 1, 4 and 7.

On Tuesday afternoon we did a flying visit to South Africa. In the morning the children prepared their own passport by drawing their picture, writing their name and representing their age through drawing objects or writing the number. We knew that in lots of dishes people who live in South Africa eat rice so we made some of our own. The children packed their bags with summer clothes as we learnt it is a warm country. They then boarded the plane for the flight to Johannesburg. At the beginning of the flight we listened to the safety announcements and a bit more information about South Africa, the flight time was 14 hours. During the flight lunch was served (rice and a drink) and there was some light entertainment. A brief but fun visit to South Africa!

The children have been keen to plant some seeds. They had the choice of planting broad beans or sunflowers. We found out that plants need soil and water to help them grow. We are eagerly waiting to see what happens…

On Tuesday I had a chat with Sofia, she said “I’d like an eating party”. We talked about what healthy foods we could have and decided on cucumber, grapes, tomatoes and bananas. Lots of children had a turn at cutting the fruit up, making sure they moved their fingers away from the knife. The healthy eating party was enjoyed by lots of people!

The weather has improved a lot as the week has gone on so we have enjoyed playing inside and out…

We hope you enjoy the bank holiday weekend sunshine! We look forward to hearing about the fun you have on Tuesday.

The Nursery team

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