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Friday 1st October | 2 comments


In maths this week we have been matching the same objects. We have also looked at collections of objects and sorted them into sets. We have enjoyed listening to the story The button box. We have practised sorting the buttons by size, colour and pattern.


During phonics, we have looked at what a ‘letter’ is and what a ‘word’ is. We have focused on the letter shapes for: s, a and t. We discussed letter names and phonemes (sounds). The children sorted objects that start with each letter sound and also had a go at forming the letter shapes.

Everything else

We hope you have a lovely weekend.

The Reception Team

2 responses to “Reception News”

  1. Rachel Shaw says:

    Matilda loved the dragon’s nest activity!


    Great to see all the interactions. Shivam looks happy and sitting listening too.
    Look forward to next week’s blog

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