Always busy in Reception!

Friday 25th June | No comments yet


We are continuing to revisit previously learned tricky words and phonemes. The children are focusing on spelling and sentence writing.


This week in Maths we have been representing number bonds to 10 using pictorial counters, 10 frames part whole models and addition equations. We have found out what ‘odd’ and ‘even’ mean and played lots sorting and feely bag games to deepen our understanding.


The children love boxes! This week we have been very creative with our model making. The children decided to make castles, helmets and fish tanks.

Magic beans!

RPK received a secret message and some magic beans in the message centre. We also found a huge plant and thought it might be a beanstalk. The children have enjoyed creating observational drawings and writing messages back.

Everything else

We hope you have a lovely weekend.

The Reception Team

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