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We have continued to work on the number 4 this week. The children used 5 frames to lay out 4 objects. They knew that there was 1 space even when they moved their objects around. They had experience of grouping them in number bonds of 0+4, 4+0, 2+2, 3+1 and 1+3.

Please share the clip about representing number 4 with your child.


We have continued to introduce new phonemes to the children as well as revise the ones we have already covered. This week’s phoneme is ‘p’.

Have a look around at home to see if you can find any objects beginning with ‘p’. Can you put a picture on EExAT?

Mountain Challenge

The Nursery children have been joining in with the Mountain Challenge by walking laps around the bottom field. All the children taking part in the challenge can add 1.5 miles to their total. Can you put some pictures of your walks on to EExAT?

A familiar story

Over the next couple of weeks we will be reading “We’re going on a bear hunt” to the children. We will be watching Michael Rosen act out the story and joining in with the actions. Can you have a go at home?

Here are some of the other things we have been doing inside…

And outside…

Have a good weekend and keep walking!

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