A very busy week in Reception

Friday 18th June | 1 comment

We have had a very busy week in Reception. Today the children have completed another mile towards their Mountain Challenge. Collectively, we have walked 57 miles. These miles have already been added to the progress gauge. We have already achieved our target. Well done everyone.


This week we learned the tricky word ‘said’. We are now revisiting the phase 3 phonemes we learned at the end of last term. We are focusing on writing this term.


This week we have been building doubles in different ways. We have also been sharing and grouping. We have made equal groups and noticed that sometimes items are left over when we share equal groups. We have solved problems using fruit too.


This week one of our children had a little visitor to their garden. We decided to create our own creatures. The children molded some clay and added details to create their own hedgehog.

Tasting what we have grown

We have been very busy growing lots of healthy vegetables in our playground. The children picked some and had a little taste.

Reception Bands

This week the children made their own bands. They made lists of the children who were in their bands and ever made their own microphones!

Everything else

We hope you all have a lovely weekend.

The Reception Team

One response to “A very busy week in Reception”

  1. Tax.Khan says:

    Yet another productive week.
    Thank you staff 🥰👍

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