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We have had a super first week back. The children have been very busy completing different tasks.


This week we have focused on revising previously learned tricky words and phonemes. The children have really impresssed us with their knowledge and understanding.


In maths we have been revising our previously taught learning. We have started to introduce doubling and halving. The children are developing a good understanding of number. Well done everyone!


This week the children have been really interested in all things space related. We have been looking at the different planets and learning that we live on planet Earth. We have been making rockets to take us to the different planets!

Everything else

The Mountain Challenge

During our PE session we decided to support the PTA Mountain Challenge. We completed 1 mile which is a massive 56 miles in total (both classes). The miles have been added to each childs tracker. What a great start Reception.

A child in RPK has lost their jumper. It is a V neck grey jumper and the child’s name is written inside. Please have a look at home. Thank you.

Next week

Next week during phonics we will be leaning the tricky word ‘said’ and revising the phonemes/graphemes: ee, igh, oo/oo, oa, ar, ai and oi. We will continue to practise reading and wrting words and sentences.

In maths we will practise our number bonds and look at doubling, halving and sharing. We will practise these skills during our play and solve practical problems to gain a deeper understanding.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend and enjoy the sunshine!

The Reception Team

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