Always busy in Reception!

June 25, 2021 at 2:22 pm


We are continuing to revisit previously learned tricky words and phonemes. The children are focusing on spelling and sentence writing.


This week in Maths we have been representing number bonds to 10 using pictorial counters, 10 frames part whole models and addition equations. We have found out what ‘odd’ and ‘even’ mean and played lots sorting and feely bag games to deepen our understanding.


The children love boxes! This week we have been very creative with our model making. The children decided to make castles, helmets and fish tanks.

Magic beans!

RPK received a secret message and some magic beans in the message centre. We also found a huge plant and thought it might be a beanstalk. The children have enjoyed creating observational drawings and writing messages back.

Everything else

We hope you have a lovely weekend.

The Reception Team

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Nursery News

June 25, 2021 at 12:19 pm


This week we have continued to learn about the number 4. The children have been representing the number with pictures and practising writing the numeral. They have done some fantastic work as you can see in the photographs. Next week we will start to learn about the number 5.


This week we have been learn about the phoneme ‘n’. Please share these clips with your child to reinforce their learning.

We have been very busy with other things as well…

And outside…

Have a lovely weekend from the Nursery team

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A very busy week in Reception

June 18, 2021 at 2:27 pm

We have had a very busy week in Reception. Today the children have completed another mile towards their Mountain Challenge. Collectively, we have walked 57 miles. These miles have already been added to the progress gauge. We have already achieved our target. Well done everyone.


This week we learned the tricky word ‘said’. We are now revisiting the phase 3 phonemes we learned at the end of last term. We are focusing on writing this term.


This week we have been building doubles in different ways. We have also been sharing and grouping. We have made equal groups and noticed that sometimes items are left over when we share equal groups. We have solved problems using fruit too.


This week one of our children had a little visitor to their garden. We decided to create our own creatures. The children molded some clay and added details to create their own hedgehog.

Tasting what we have grown

We have been very busy growing lots of healthy vegetables in our playground. The children picked some and had a little taste.

Reception Bands

This week the children made their own bands. They made lists of the children who were in their bands and ever made their own microphones!

Everything else

We hope you all have a lovely weekend.

The Reception Team

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Nursery News

June 18, 2021 at 12:29 pm


We have continued to work on the number 4 this week. The children used 5 frames to lay out 4 objects. They knew that there was 1 space even when they moved their objects around. They had experience of grouping them in number bonds of 0+4, 4+0, 2+2, 3+1 and 1+3.

Please share the clip about representing number 4 with your child.


We have continued to introduce new phonemes to the children as well as revise the ones we have already covered. This week’s phoneme is ‘p’.

Have a look around at home to see if you can find any objects beginning with ‘p’. Can you put a picture on EExAT?

Mountain Challenge

The Nursery children have been joining in with the Mountain Challenge by walking laps around the bottom field. All the children taking part in the challenge can add 1.5 miles to their total. Can you put some pictures of your walks on to EExAT?

A familiar story

Over the next couple of weeks we will be reading “We’re going on a bear hunt” to the children. We will be watching Michael Rosen act out the story and joining in with the actions. Can you have a go at home?

Here are some of the other things we have been doing inside…

And outside…

Have a good weekend and keep walking!

From the Nursery team

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June 11, 2021 at 2:28 pm

We have had a super first week back. The children have been very busy completing different tasks.


This week we have focused on revising previously learned tricky words and phonemes. The children have really impresssed us with their knowledge and understanding.


In maths we have been revising our previously taught learning. We have started to introduce doubling and halving. The children are developing a good understanding of number. Well done everyone!


This week the children have been really interested in all things space related. We have been looking at the different planets and learning that we live on planet Earth. We have been making rockets to take us to the different planets!

Everything else

The Mountain Challenge

During our PE session we decided to support the PTA Mountain Challenge. We completed 1 mile which is a massive 56 miles in total (both classes). The miles have been added to each childs tracker. What a great start Reception.

A child in RPK has lost their jumper. It is a V neck grey jumper and the child’s name is written inside. Please have a look at home. Thank you.

Next week

Next week during phonics we will be leaning the tricky word ‘said’ and revising the phonemes/graphemes: ee, igh, oo/oo, oa, ar, ai and oi. We will continue to practise reading and wrting words and sentences.

In maths we will practise our number bonds and look at doubling, halving and sharing. We will practise these skills during our play and solve practical problems to gain a deeper understanding.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend and enjoy the sunshine!

The Reception Team

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This week in Nursery

June 11, 2021 at 12:39 pm


This week we have started to look at the number 4. The children enjoyed listening to the story of Puppy Number 4 and his 4 missing bones. Have a look at the photos of how the children can represent the number 4 with their fingers.

The children can show 4+0, 0+4, 1+3, 3+1 and 2+2. Ask them to show you the different ways of making 4 at home.

Here is one of my favourite songs about the number 4…

We will be listening to this song over the next 3 weeks so you may want to play it at home as well!

Some other maths …


This week we are learning about the phoneme ‘i’.

It is sometimes difficult to find objects around beginning with this phoneme but have a look and if you find something please take a picture and put it on EExAT.

Please support you child to have a go forming the letter. In Nursery we use our ‘magic’ fingers in the air.

Look at what we have been doing inside this week…

Outside we are very proud of our vegetables and flowers…

The children have been looking after our peas, beans and flowers as well as planting some lettuces. They helped to sweep up after the grass had been cut and enjoyed some role play in the new playhouse.

Golden Ticket

One of the children in Nursery found a ‘Golden Ticket’ in her bar of chocolate. Her prize was for all of her class to have a trip to the park. The children enjoyed climbing and swinging and then had their snack in the park. Quite an adventure!

Mountain Challenge

Next week we will be contributing to the Mountain Challenge. Look out for how far we have walked in next week’s blog.

Sun Awareness

We have had a lovely week weather wise and all the children took a leaflet home at the beginning of the week about being ‘Sun Aware’. Please remember to send your child with a named hat and apply sun cream before they come to Nursery. When you purchase a cream please look for one which will last all day.

Have a lovely weekend in the sun, from the Nursery team.

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