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Friday 28th May | No comments yet


This week we learned the tricky word ‘my’. We also learned the phonemes/graphemes for ‘ear’ and ‘er’. The children are really trying with their independent sentence writing.


This week the children have enjoyed subtracting and exploring shape. They have found out that a square can be turned into a triangle or a rectangle too! We have also explored the sizes and lengths of different triangles. After half term we will be exploring doubles in more detail and practising our sharing and grouping skills.


This week we have been planting vegetables in our outside area.

Treasure Hunt

The children enjoyed going on a word hunt. They had a list on words they needed to match to pictures hidden around the outside area. It was lots of fun.

Everything else

We can’t believe that next half term will be the final one before summer! It has been a strange year, but the children have been extremely resilient and we are proud of them all.

Have a lovely half term break.

The Reception Team

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