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This week we have been representing the number 3. We drew pictures of 3 objects, made tally lines for 3, drew 3 triangles with 3 sides each and then practised writing the numeral. After the holidays we will be moving on to number 4.

Have another look at the clip on how to represent number 3…

The children have been also been playing dominoes. This is a really good way for the children to learn to subitise. Subitising is the ability to recognise values up to 6 without counting them. Playing dice games is also a good way of practising this and the children will need to be able to have this skill by the end of Reception so it is a good idea to play dice games and dominoes as early as possible. Have a look at all the ways we have been developing Maths skills in Nursery…


Our phoneme this week is ‘t’. The children have been practising how to make the sound and recognising the grapheme. They enjoyed Geraldine the Giraffe looking for objects around the house beginning with the ‘t’ phoneme.

Watch the clip and then help your child to find some things around your house beginning with this phoneme. Can you put some pictures of EExAT?

Here is how we form the grapheme…


Last week we were very physical doing some ‘Write dance’ moves. This week the children have enjoyed taking part in some mindful yoga. If you would like to have a go at home just click on the link…

Have a look at some of the other things we have done inside this week…

And outside…

Enjoy a good week off and remember that Monday 7th June is a training day.

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  1. Jill SPENCER says:

    So proud of all our children and the amazing things they do:)

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