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This week we are continuing to learn about the number 3. The children have collected 3 objects, clapped, jumped and hopped 3 times and shown 3 using fingers on two hands. Look at this Number Blocks clip all about the number 3 and it’s constituent parts.

Next week we will represent the number by drawing a variety of 3 objects and writing the numeral.

Here are some photos of independent and adult-led maths activities…


Our phoneme this week is ‘a’. Please watch Geraldine the Giraffe finding objects starting with this phoneme. Help your child to find things around the house starting with ‘a’ and put a picture on EExAT.

Can your support your child to practise writing the grapheme remembering to try cursive script?

We have been busy doing lots of things inside including making a healthy snack and mixing paints…

In between all the rain this week (although we do play out in all weather!) we had an adventure on the castle. The children enjoyed rolling down the hill and climbing the ropes. Have a look at what the children got up to outside this week…


The children really enjoy taking part in all the ‘Write dance’ activities and particularly enjoyed this new one. I told them to look out for it on the blog!

Have a good weekend, from the Nursery team

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