Cooking, worms and a trip to space!

Friday 21st May | 1 comment


This week we have looked at the tricky word ‘you’. We have also learned the phoneme/grapheme ‘ure’ which is quite a difficult sound to learn. We will keep practising it. The children have also been sorting words to create a ‘good’ sentence as well as writing their own ‘good’ sentences.


RPK blast off to space!

The children received a message from aliens in the message centre. They decided to make a spaceship. We have enjoyed decorating stars and learning about different planets. We have have been counting backwards and blasting off into space!


Following a child’s interest, we decided to look at healthy eating. We watched some videos to help us understand what a ‘balanced’ diet looks like. It was pleasing to hear the children tell us all about ‘healthy’ and ‘unhealthy’ foods. They already know so much! We made some ‘healthy’ soup with some vegetables from the farm.


This week the children have been really interested in worms! We researched what is needed and created our very own wormery. These wriggly creatures are now our class pets!

Everything else…

Next week

We have almost reached the end of Phase 3 phonics. Next week we will be looking at tricky word ‘my’ and the phonemes/graphemes for ‘ear’ and ‘er’.

Have a lovely weekend.

The Reception Team

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  1. Tasleem Arif says:

    Hi Miss
    I would just like say, looking at the pictures my heart has filled with such happiness and feeling proud.
    yahya hasn’t been at the school long but I am do great to all the staff at Farsley Fairfield who have helped Yahys to settle in we’ll.

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