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This week our number is number 3. The children have been learning what the numeral looks like and how many objects make up the number. We put out 3 objects on our 5 frames and counted how many spaces there are left. We know that 3 objects and 2 spaces make up 5 but also that 2 objects and 3 spaces make 5. Please share the following clip at home to support your child with the understanding of the number 3…

Can you help your child find the number 3 when you are out and about or in your home?

Can you find collections of 3 objects and add a photo to EExAT?

We have also been doing lots of activities with pattern. Can you look for different patters around you?


This week we have started to introduce some Phase 2 phonics. We have been looking at the ‘s’ phoneme. Phonemes are the sounds that letters or groups of letters make. Graphemes are letters or groups of letters we see in words. Watch the clip of Geraldine the Giraffe learning this phoneme…

Have a look at some of the things we have been doing inside this week…

Here is what we have been getting up to outside…

Please remember you can add observations to your child’s EExAT learning journey at any time. It’s lovely to see what they have been doing at home as well as when they are in Nursery.

Have a lovely weekend, from the Nursery team

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