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This week we have been revising some of the tricky words we have learned so far. We focused on: they, all and was. The children also looked at the grapheme/phoneme for ‘air’. We have continued to practise our reading and writing skills.


This week we have been ordering numbers from 11-20 and looking at numbers 17 and 18 in more detail. We have used numicon and cubes to count and represent numbers in different ways. We are also getting better as using a part-whole model. Well done everyone!

Happy Eid to all Muslim friends

Making rockets!

This week the children really enjoyed making rockets. We discussed the reaction between Bicarbonate of Soda and vinegar/lemon juice. We enjoyed counting down to zero from various numbers. Although some of the rockets went off too early or too late! We had lots of fun!

Gingerbread men

Following the children’s interests we have been busy making gingerbread men and re-telling the story. We found a message in the message centre from the gingerbread man too! We decided to make a trap to catch the fox and stop the gingerbread man from being eaten!

Everything else


Some of our friends are busy celebrating Eid. We are asking children to write about their celebrations or something they have done over the weekend. Remember when writing a sentence we must include: a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop.

Next week

Next week we will be looking at tricky word ‘you’, the phoneme/grapheme ‘ure’ and sentence reading and writing.

In maths we will be looking at numbers 19 and 20 in more detail and recapping our subtracting skills.

Have a lovely weekend from the Reception team

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