This week in Nursery

May 28, 2021 at 1:33 pm


This week we have been representing the number 3. We drew pictures of 3 objects, made tally lines for 3, drew 3 triangles with 3 sides each and then practised writing the numeral. After the holidays we will be moving on to number 4.

Have another look at the clip on how to represent number 3…

The children have been also been playing dominoes. This is a really good way for the children to learn to subitise. Subitising is the ability to recognise values up to 6 without counting them. Playing dice games is also a good way of practising this and the children will need to be able to have this skill by the end of Reception so it is a good idea to play dice games and dominoes as early as possible. Have a look at all the ways we have been developing Maths skills in Nursery…


Our phoneme this week is ‘t’. The children have been practising how to make the sound and recognising the grapheme. They enjoyed Geraldine the Giraffe looking for objects around the house beginning with the ‘t’ phoneme.

Watch the clip and then help your child to find some things around your house beginning with this phoneme. Can you put some pictures of EExAT?

Here is how we form the grapheme…


Last week we were very physical doing some ‘Write dance’ moves. This week the children have enjoyed taking part in some mindful yoga. If you would like to have a go at home just click on the link…

Have a look at some of the other things we have done inside this week…

And outside…

Enjoy a good week off and remember that Monday 7th June is a training day.

From the Nursery team

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This week in Reception

May 28, 2021 at 12:59 pm


This week we learned the tricky word ‘my’. We also learned the phonemes/graphemes for ‘ear’ and ‘er’. The children are really trying with their independent sentence writing.


This week the children have enjoyed subtracting and exploring shape. They have found out that a square can be turned into a triangle or a rectangle too! We have also explored the sizes and lengths of different triangles. After half term we will be exploring doubles in more detail and practising our sharing and grouping skills.


This week we have been planting vegetables in our outside area.

Treasure Hunt

The children enjoyed going on a word hunt. They had a list on words they needed to match to pictures hidden around the outside area. It was lots of fun.

Everything else

We can’t believe that next half term will be the final one before summer! It has been a strange year, but the children have been extremely resilient and we are proud of them all.

Have a lovely half term break.

The Reception Team

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Cooking, worms and a trip to space!

May 21, 2021 at 2:14 pm


This week we have looked at the tricky word ‘you’. We have also learned the phoneme/grapheme ‘ure’ which is quite a difficult sound to learn. We will keep practising it. The children have also been sorting words to create a ‘good’ sentence as well as writing their own ‘good’ sentences.


RPK blast off to space!

The children received a message from aliens in the message centre. They decided to make a spaceship. We have enjoyed decorating stars and learning about different planets. We have have been counting backwards and blasting off into space!


Following a child’s interest, we decided to look at healthy eating. We watched some videos to help us understand what a ‘balanced’ diet looks like. It was pleasing to hear the children tell us all about ‘healthy’ and ‘unhealthy’ foods. They already know so much! We made some ‘healthy’ soup with some vegetables from the farm.


This week the children have been really interested in worms! We researched what is needed and created our very own wormery. These wriggly creatures are now our class pets!

Everything else…

Next week

We have almost reached the end of Phase 3 phonics. Next week we will be looking at tricky word ‘my’ and the phonemes/graphemes for ‘ear’ and ‘er’.

Have a lovely weekend.

The Reception Team

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Nursery News

May 21, 2021 at 1:16 pm


This week we are continuing to learn about the number 3. The children have collected 3 objects, clapped, jumped and hopped 3 times and shown 3 using fingers on two hands. Look at this Number Blocks clip all about the number 3 and it’s constituent parts.

Next week we will represent the number by drawing a variety of 3 objects and writing the numeral.

Here are some photos of independent and adult-led maths activities…


Our phoneme this week is ‘a’. Please watch Geraldine the Giraffe finding objects starting with this phoneme. Help your child to find things around the house starting with ‘a’ and put a picture on EExAT.

Can your support your child to practise writing the grapheme remembering to try cursive script?

We have been busy doing lots of things inside including making a healthy snack and mixing paints…

In between all the rain this week (although we do play out in all weather!) we had an adventure on the castle. The children enjoyed rolling down the hill and climbing the ropes. Have a look at what the children got up to outside this week…


The children really enjoy taking part in all the ‘Write dance’ activities and particularly enjoyed this new one. I told them to look out for it on the blog!

Have a good weekend, from the Nursery team

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Fun in Reception!

May 14, 2021 at 2:19 pm


This week we have been revising some of the tricky words we have learned so far. We focused on: they, all and was. The children also looked at the grapheme/phoneme for ‘air’. We have continued to practise our reading and writing skills.


This week we have been ordering numbers from 11-20 and looking at numbers 17 and 18 in more detail. We have used numicon and cubes to count and represent numbers in different ways. We are also getting better as using a part-whole model. Well done everyone!

Happy Eid to all Muslim friends

Making rockets!

This week the children really enjoyed making rockets. We discussed the reaction between Bicarbonate of Soda and vinegar/lemon juice. We enjoyed counting down to zero from various numbers. Although some of the rockets went off too early or too late! We had lots of fun!

Gingerbread men

Following the children’s interests we have been busy making gingerbread men and re-telling the story. We found a message in the message centre from the gingerbread man too! We decided to make a trap to catch the fox and stop the gingerbread man from being eaten!

Everything else


Some of our friends are busy celebrating Eid. We are asking children to write about their celebrations or something they have done over the weekend. Remember when writing a sentence we must include: a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop.

Next week

Next week we will be looking at tricky word ‘you’, the phoneme/grapheme ‘ure’ and sentence reading and writing.

In maths we will be looking at numbers 19 and 20 in more detail and recapping our subtracting skills.

Have a lovely weekend from the Reception team

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Nursery News

May 14, 2021 at 1:48 pm


This week our number is number 3. The children have been learning what the numeral looks like and how many objects make up the number. We put out 3 objects on our 5 frames and counted how many spaces there are left. We know that 3 objects and 2 spaces make up 5 but also that 2 objects and 3 spaces make 5. Please share the following clip at home to support your child with the understanding of the number 3…

Can you help your child find the number 3 when you are out and about or in your home?

Can you find collections of 3 objects and add a photo to EExAT?

We have also been doing lots of activities with pattern. Can you look for different patters around you?


This week we have started to introduce some Phase 2 phonics. We have been looking at the ‘s’ phoneme. Phonemes are the sounds that letters or groups of letters make. Graphemes are letters or groups of letters we see in words. Watch the clip of Geraldine the Giraffe learning this phoneme…

Have a look at some of the things we have been doing inside this week…

Here is what we have been getting up to outside…

Please remember you can add observations to your child’s EExAT learning journey at any time. It’s lovely to see what they have been doing at home as well as when they are in Nursery.

Have a lovely weekend, from the Nursery team

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A wet but exciting week in Reception

May 7, 2021 at 2:38 pm


This week we have been looking at the tricky word ‘all’. We also learned the phonemes/graphemes ‘ow’ and ‘oi’. We have continued to practise reading and writing.


In Maths we have looked at number 15 and 16 in more detail and explored different ways of making the numbers too. We have represented 15 and 16 in different ways. It has been great to see children finding patterns using numicon, for example 10 and 5 makes 15 and 10 and 6 makes 16.


Our sunflowers are starting to grow. The children have been so excited to see their seeds growing. We have seen lots of super language including size.

Everything else

Next week we will be looking at numbers 17 and 18 in more detail and practising the skills of counting forwards and backwards. We will continue to order numbers and find patterns in numbers beyond 20.

In phonics we will be revising tricky words: all, was and they. We will be learning the graphemes/phonemes for ‘air’ and ‘ure’.

Have a lovely weekend!

The Reception Team

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This week in Nursery

May 7, 2021 at 11:07 am

The children have once again been very busy both inside and in our outdoor provision. Mr Wilson has serviced all the bikes and the children have shown how capable they are or that they need more practise.

We have been doing lots of other things outside. The children have enjoyed playing with hoops, constructing with some new equipment and playing ring games.

Our number at the moment is number 2 and the children have been representing it with pictures, on a 5 frame, tallying and writing the numeral.

We have also been busy inside doing lots of different things…

Now a quick request…

If your child brings fruit in a plastic tub please can you add their name to it. We have lots of tubs left over and the children don’t always recognise them.

Have a lovely weekend, from the Nursery team

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