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Friday 30th April | No comments yet

Another busy week in Nursery!

In Numeracy we have been learning all about number 2. The children listened to the story of Puppy Number 2. He is yellow and his favourite shape is a rectangle. Can you ask your child to look for rectangles around your home? See if they can tell you about the number 2 and Puppy Number 2.

We have been reading the story of the Gruffalo this week. This is a story the children really enjoy. If you have a copy at home it would be lovely if you can read it with your child and ask them lots of questions.

Last week some of the children went on a walk around our beautiful grounds. The rest of the children explored the grounds on Monday. Have a look at the photos of all the things we have done in Nursery this week…

Enjoy the long weekend, from the Nursery staff.

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