Nursery enjoy being outside with friends

Friday 23rd April | 1 comment

This week the weather has been beautiful and we have really enjoyed being outside. The children have helped to look after all of our Spring bedding plants and have weeded the vegetable plot. We’ve been on a walk around the school grounds. This felt like “Going to another country” as one parent told me his daughter had described the walk. Due to the Covid restrictions our children have had limited access to the fantastic facilities we have here at Farsley Farfield so going on an exploratory walk of the grounds was a wonderful experience for them. Let’s hope we can now make full use of all the wonderful grounds we have.

Have a look at the variety of other things we have been doing as well as spending lots of time outside…

As we move into the warmer and sunny weather a few parents have asked about suntan cream. We would prefer if you purchase the type that lasts all day and apply before your child comes to Nursery. We can support them to re-apply if necessary but as you can imagine if all the children bring in a bottle it can be quite a task. Thank you for your help on this matter.

Have a lovely weekend in the sunshine and see you next week, from the Nursery team.

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  1. Rauf says:

    Well this explains the muddy clothes and hands, Inara loves the mud kitchen. She’s told me she made lots of mud cakes with her friends. Lovely to see the children playing outdoors again!

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