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During phonics and maths this week we are consolidating our learning. Please see attachments and information below for children that are at home this week.


This week we are recapping the short ‘oo’ and introducing the long ‘oo.’ The sheets are attached as well as videos for you to have a go at home with. You might want to use your communication book to record your learning at home in.


In maths this week we are consolidating our number bonds to 10. How many ways can you make 10? Can you use your part whole models and objects, such as pasta to find different ways? We are also representing numbers 10, 11, 12, 13. You can have a go at home using the sheet attached or you might use your communication book.

Learning in your Communication book

Over the Easter holidays we could like children to spend some time practising reading and writing tricky words. Attached is a list of tricky words. How many words can your child read? Can they spell he tricky word or put them in a sentence?

Please remember that you can access all of the previous blog posts. You could use these to revise previous learning.


It is lovely to see all of your learning and interests from home on EExAT Please keep uploading them. If you are having any issues logging into your account please email your class teacher.

We hope you have a lovely Easter break.

The Reception Team

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