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Friday 26th March | No comments yet

The children have all returned to Nursery this week and we have had a lovely time. They have all definitely missed their friends and have enjoyed renewing those friendships and making new ones. They have quickly remembered the routines and behaviour expectations we have.


Lots of home learning is evident and we started this week by revisiting the number 1. We have been demonstrating the number by clapping 1 time, hopping 1 time and touching 1 nose. We then introduced a ‘5 frame’ to the children. They placed 1 piece of pasta on the frame where ever they wanted. Then they moved them to another position to see if there was still 1 piece of pasta. Then the children counted the spaces and realised each time they moved the pasta there were still 4 spaces. This is working towards number bonds. Then we moved on to representing the number on paper. They drew 1 circle, 1 flower and 1 object of their choosing before writing the number itself. have a look at their work…

There was also some lovely work on length going on. Did you spot it?


The children have been doing lots of independent ‘reading’ and listening to stories to develop their vocabulary. They have enjoyed writing for lots of different purposes and especially liked mark making on the long rolls of wallpaper (we would be glad of any donations!).

Other things this week…

Have a look at a few of the other things we have been doing this week. Some children enjoyed helping out with the Spring planting. they are learning how to look after the plants as well as the environment being brightened up. We hope you like all the brightly coloured bedding plants.

Have a lovely weekend, from the Nursery team.

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