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Daily challenge


Today we are introducing the ‘ee’ phoneme/grapheme. We will be focusing on reading words that contain ‘ee’. We will be using the sheet for day 32.


Today we will be exploring our numberbonds to 10 and recapping all the ways we can make 5. Please have your day 32 sheet ready for todays live session. Can you complete the missing numbers on the part whole models afterwards?



Please read daily by logging onto Simply enter your teacher code and select your name.

You could play a game on phonics play! Log in for free with the username: jan21. Password: home . You should also receive a reading book inside your pack.

Expressive Arts and Design

Elmer has a unique colour and we have learned that we are all different. Use the writing template to write about why you are unique. You might write about what you like to do, who you live with or your favourite foods. Decorate the elephant with your favourite colours.

Nursery Learning


Today we would like you to practise representing the number 1 on paper. Can you write the number? Have a look in your pack for some number 1 sheets.

Can you draw 1 flower? 1 circle? 1 picture of you? Can you take a photo of your number 1 work and put it on EExAT?

Have a look at where number 1 comes on the number line…

Are you scared of snakes? Where are the monkeys?


Today you will need your listening ears. There are sounds all around us. Can you use your listening ears to find some in your home?

You may have heard this story before but it is a favourite of mine…

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