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Daily Challenge

Andy visits Japan today! Can you watch his adventure and draw the animals he finds? Can you label the animal afterwards?


Today we are continuing to learn about the ‘sh’ phoneme. We will practise forming the letter shapes, write a word containing ‘sh’ and then a sentence.


Today we are going to be recapping number 7 and combining two groups. Please have your day 23 sheet ready and 10 objects of your choice. After the session you could have a go at this extra challenge below.


Please read daily by logging onto Simply enter your teacher code and select your name.

You could play a game on phonics play! Log in for free with the username: jan21. Password: home . You should also receive a reading book inside your pack.


Physical Activity


Nursery Learning

Our phonics activity today is a familiar Nursery Rhyme to join in with.

Now for some counting! You can use tea towels or anything similar you have to hand to practise counting whilst also developing gross motor skills and having fun!

This story incorporates both counting and rhyming. After listening to the story can your child count how many legs there are in your house? You may have a pet! Perhaps they can draw a picture of everyone and put on the correct number of legs.

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