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Daily Challenge

Andy is on another adventure in the South Pacific! Click the link below to find out what he finds…. Can you draw some sea creatures? Can you write about your own adventure?


Today we are going to focus on reading words that contain the ‘sh’ phoneme. Have a look at the videos below and see if you can think of any words that begin or end with ‘sh’.


Today we are going to recap number 6 by representing it in different ways. We will also be looking at making pairs. Please have your maths day 22 sheet ready for the live session. After the session you could have a go at this activity to practise making pairs.

Stories and Songs


Please read daily by logging onto Simply enter your teacher code and select your name.

You could play a game on phonics play! Log in for free with the username: jan21. Password: home . You should also receive a reading book inside your pack.

Physical Activity

Nursery Learning

Today’s phonics activity is about listening and copying.

You have had a phonics game to play about the zoo so here is a story about a zoo…

And this is a Mr Tumble version. Can you help with some of the signing?

Gross and fine motor skill development is vitally important to support children with their physical ability to write letters and numbers. Here is a fun way of developing those skills…

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