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Daily challenge

Today we though we would think about people who help us. Here are some tasks for you to complete.


We had a super day yesterday. We read lots of words that begin with ‘ch’. Today we are going to write some words that begin with ‘ch’. Can you think of any words that end with the ‘ch’ digraph.


Today we will be continuing to learn about doubles! Please have your day 20 sheet ready for the live session. Learn more about doubles by watching this doubles numberblocks episode!

Songs and stories


Please read daily by logging onto Simply enter your teacher code and select your name.

You could play a game on phonics play! Log in for free with the username: jan21. Password: home . You should also receive a reading book inside your pack.

Expressive Arts and Design

Can you draw a picture of someone who helps you? You can add labels or a sentence to say how they help you. We can’t wait to see how you get on.

Nursery Learning

What is the weather like today?

Rhyming is a very important part of reading so here is a rhyming story for you to listen to. Can you fill in the rhyming words?

Another fun activity as part of Phase 1 phonics…

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