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Daily challenge

Today, during phonics, we are looking at the letter shapes q and u. A word that comes to mind that begins with ‘qu’ is quiz. We thought it would be a good ideas to set you a challenge of completing the following quiz. There are ten questions in total. Have fun.


Yesterday we were reading words that begin with the ‘qu’ phoneme. Today we are going to write some words that begin with those letter shapes. Good luck.


Today we are going to find ways of making number 8. For todays live session you will need 8 objects and your day 18 maths sheet. Can you join in with the number bond song below?

Stories and songs

Fine motor skills

Sing along to the potato song and try to follow the actions. The more times you play it, the better you will become. Good luck.


Please read daily by logging onto Simply enter your teacher code and select your name.

You could play a game on phonics play! Log in for free with the username: jan21. Password: home . You should also receive a reading book inside your pack.

Say hello to your friends and enjoy another story with Mrs Dennison at 2pm.

Expressive Arts and Design

Can you make a crown and become a king or queen for the day?

This weeks photos

Nursery Learning

Today’s counting rhyme is about a flying saucer. You could also re-listen to the story ‘Whatever next?’

Stop and go! Is this fast or slow?

Here is a number song to join in with…

Can you count to 10?

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