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Good morning! We hope you are all well. Have a go at these activities.

Challenge of the day

Your challenge today is to have a picnic with your family!

How many people will come to your picnic? How many plates will you need? How many cups? If you bring too many or not enough plates/cups can you add or take away one?

What food will you serve at your picnic? Could you write a menu? Could you write down what each person would like to drink?

Maybe you will help your grown-up to prepare the food? You might need to count out or weigh the ingredients!

Reception only – Phonics

Today we will be focusing on the phoneme ‘n’. Can you thing of any words that begin with the letter sound ‘n’?

Here are some for you to read and write.

Please continue to practise your name writing.

Here are some useful video links to watch.

Reading at home

There are some super, free eBooks available on: You will need to create an account but it is completely free.

Reception only – Maths

Today we are looking at circles and triangles. Can you find circles and triangles in these photos? How many can you see?

Go on a hunt around your house looking for circles and triangles. What do you notice? What happens if you turn the shape around?

Nursery Phonics

A fun activity…

Pretend to be a postman.

Your child can write, draw, paint or stick to create a masterpiece picture, letter or postcard. Send it to someone special or even to school. Put it in an envelope and post it if you can.

Stories to enjoy

Extra sheets to print

Have a lovely day.

The Foundation team

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