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It’s Friday! Well done everyone for your hard work this week. We have missed you all and we are looking forward to seeing you soon!

Challenge of the day

Today’s Challenge is to think about the days of the week and maybe even the months of the year.

Do you know the days of the week? What day is it today? What day was yesterday? What day will it be tomorrow?

Maybe you could make a display in your house to help you keep track of the days?

Take a look on Youtube. There are lots of days of the week songs. Which is your favourite?

You might also like to think about the months of the year. Do you know the months? Do you know when your birthday is?

Reception only – Phonics

Today we will be looking at the letter ‘i’. Can you think of any words that begin with the letter sound ‘i’. It’s quite tricky!

Here are some words for you to read and write.

Please continue to practise your name writing skills.

Here are some useful video links to watch.

Reading at home

There are some super, free eBooks available on: You will need to create an account but it is completely free.

Reception only – Maths

Keep going Reception. You are doing amazingly well. Have a go at this challenge.

There are 6 frogs on a log. One jumps into the pond. How many frogs are left on the log? Can you draw a picture to show the number of frogs? Can you create a 10 frame and place 6 objects on it. How many left when you take one object away?

Nursery Phonics

Body percussion

A fun activity…

Making a den.

Have you got a clothes horse? Or use a small table and cover it with a cloth to make a den.

Children love to create a special cosy place where they can feel safe and secure but also where they can use their imagination to play a game or just get cosy and read a book.

Stories and songs for everyone to enjoy

Extra sheets to print

Have a lovely weekend.

The Foundation Stage team

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