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Challenge of the day

Today’s challenge is to sort objects. Can you sort by colour, shape and size? What else could you sort by?

If you’re feeling fancy you could extend this by sorting numbers e.g. Numbers that are more than 3 and numbers that are less than 3.

Which one doesn’t belong has lots of pictures that you could use to spark discussion about sorting into groups. The shapes ones will probably be most interesting for Nursery & Foundation stage- maybe leave graphs and equations for now!

Reception only – Phonics

We would like you to continue with your letter formation practise. Todays letter sound is ‘p’. Can you think of any objects that begin with the letter ‘p’?

Have a go at reading these words and maybe try to write them too.

Please keep practising your name writing. We can’t wait to see how well you have improved when you come back to school.

Here are some useful video links to watch can you remember all the actions? Can you write any of the tricky words?

Reading at home

There are some super, free eBooks available on: You will need to create an account but it is completely free.

Reception only – Maths

Lets see what you can remember about 1 more and 1 less. Can you have a go at this maths challenge?

Park 5 toy cars in pretend car park. If one car drives away, will there be more or fewer cars? Drive one away and check by counting. Park a different number of cars in the car park and do this again.

If you are feeling confident, can you try moving 2 cars to see what 2 less is?

Nursery Phonics

A fun activity…

Make a collection of treasure. Your child can make a collection of anything that excites them and will love to store them in a special box or basket that belongs just to them.

Stories and songs to enjoy

Extra sheets to print

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