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Daily Challenge

Today we would like you to think about the weather. You might like to start by singing the weather song together-

Could you make a chart to record the weather each day this week? (A nice opportunity to check how many of the days of the week we remember!). At the end of the week, you could extend this learning by discussing which type of weather was the most or least common.

Have a think about any changes that are dependant on the weather. What might you wear on a sunny day? What could you wear on a snowy day?

You might like to look online or watch the weather forecast on the news. Can you figure out what each symbol means? Maybe you could look out of the window and make your own predictions!

Reception only – Phonics

Alongside your daily phonics sessions, we would like you to practise you letter formation. We have include some PowerPoint slides to help you practise.

Today we are focusing on the letter sound ‘s’. We would like you to think about words that begin with this sound. Here are some words for you to read. If you can, write them too.

We would encourage all children to have a go at writing their name using cursive letters. If you have managed to learn and write your first name then please have a go at writing your surname also. We included a practise template in your home learning pack.

Parents if you can upload any progress onto EExAT that would be great.

Here are some useful video links to watch.

Reading at home

There are some super, free eBooks available on: You will need to create an account but it is completely free.

Reception only – Maths

This week we are thinking about 1 more and 1 less. Have a go at this activity to help you understand.

Ask your grown-up to tell you a number. Place this number of raisins or cereal pieces on your plate. If your grown-up says ‘one more’, can you add one more and say the number you have? If your grown-up says ‘one less’, can you eat one then count the number you have left?

As an extra challenge… can you represent 10 in different ways? You might draw 10 people, count out 10 pieces of fruit or draw the number blocks 10.

Nursery Phonics

Over the next couple of weeks the blog will include some phonic activities specifically for Nursery children. These activities cover Phase 1 of ‘Letters and Sounds’. There are seven aspects of Phase 1 –

General sound discrimination – environmental sounds

General sounds – instrumental sounds

General sounds – body percussion

Rhythm and rhyme


Voice sounds

Oral blending and segmenting

A rhyming story

A fun activity to do…

Capture your child’s imagination with everyday ‘dress up’ play

Use clothes and objects you have at home to pretend to be someone or something else and inspire them to make up their own pretend play.

Stories and songs to enjoy

Extra sheets to print

Well done everyone! We will blog again tomorrow.

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