Nursery Rhymes in Nursery

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This week is National Nursery Rhyme Week and we have had lots of fun joining in with Nursery Rhymes. Some have been familiar to us and some are new. We have also been learning some Makaton signs for some of our favourites. Here is one of our favourites for you to have a go at home…

This is another one we like singing and we are good at doing the actions too…

Hickory Dickory Dock
[Hold your arm up like a clock]
The mouse ran up the clock
[Run your fingers up from the bottom to the top]
The clock struck one
[Clap your hands together once]
The mouse ran down
[Run your fingers back down to the bottom]
Hickory Dickory Dock

Other verses:

The clock struck two
[Clap your hands together twice]
The mouse went “boo!”
[Hide your eyes with your hands then pull them away on the word “boo!”]

The clock struck three
[Clap your hands together three times]
The mouse went “weeee!”
[Move your hands down a slide on the word “weeee!”]

The clock struck four
[Clap your hands together four times]
The mouse went “no more!”
[Shake your finger on the words “no more!”]

The children have been doing lots of Literacy and Maths in their independent play this week. Have a look at some of the amazing things they have done…
Lots of you will have received home learning packs. We hope you enjoy the activities we have put together for your child to support their learning. Enjoy sharing the books with your child and encourage them to tell you about the pictures and the story. They might be able to predict what will happen at the end of the story. Other things to talk about include the characters, the setting or where the story takes place and whether your child enjoyed the story or not.
Just a reminder that you can now apply for your child’s school place. The closing date is 15th January 2021 and you need to list five schools.
Look out for the extra blog posts next week under the heading of ‘Foundation Blog’. We will see most of you the week after next.

Take care, from the Nursery team.

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