Reception home learning – Friday 20th November

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This week we have practised reading and writing the letter shapes for f and ff. Today we are going to practise our blending skills.

Can you join in with the jolly phonics song? Can you can spot ‘f’?

Practise writing ‘f.’ You could write it in the air, in glitter or some sand.

Can you read these words? Look for the digraph ‘ff’ first.

Practise reading the words and writing the diagraph ‘ff’. Use the phoneme frame to write ‘puff’. If you would like an additional challenge try to write a sentence which includes the word ‘puff’.

Parents: A phoneme frame is used to breakdown the letter sounds in each word. Therefore, for puff you will need to add ‘p’ to the first box, ‘u’ to the second box and ‘ff’ to the final box.


We have been looking at one more and one less this week. Can you find groups of objects and add one more or take one away to find the total? Find 10 objects and join in with the 10 green bottles song below. Every time a bottle falls you can take one object away and count how many you have left.

We have also been looking at number 8 and 9 this week.

Can you count out 8 or 9 objects? Can you represent 8 or 9 in different ways? You might draw 8 cars, or 9 pieces of fruit.


On Friday we usually have P.E. Today you could have a go at joining in with these exercises!

Other activities

Write down these tricky words and hide them around the house. Go on a hunt for them using positional language. Is it under the chair? On top of the table? Next to the toy box?

I, go, was, to, the

Collect bottles, boxes and other materials to create a model. We can show your friends all of your creations! Please just email us your photos.

Search for numbers in your house and write them down.

Watch number blocks 8 and 9.

Story time

Curl up in your favourite space and listen to this story.

There are also lots of ideas in your home learning pack too. Miss Pinnock’s class will receive theirs in the post soon. We will blog again on Monday.

Here are some photos from this week

Have a lovely weekend.

The Reception Team

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