Diwali, Children in Need, word hunts and lots more!

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This week the children have been looking at the tricky word ‘go’. We have also focused on the phonemes: r, h and b. The children have been reading CVC words for class bingo sessions and forming letter shapes on their own.


The children have been comparing amounts. We have looked at different groups of objects and explained why one set contained more or fewer objects. We have also looked at number 6 and number 7. We counted out 6 and 7 objects, represented the numbers in different ways and drew the amount on a 10 frame too.


Some of our children are getting ready to celebrate Diwali, the Festival of Light. We talked about different celebrations as well as different religions. We have made some Diva lamps using clay and decorated them with paint and glitter.

Tricky Word hunt!

After the success of last weeks ‘treasure hunt’ we decided to try a different type of hunt. We placed ‘go’ stickers around the playground area and asked the children to find them. Each time they found a sticker they had to write it on their sheet. The children enjoyed the hunt and they managed to practise some letter formation/tricky word writing too!

Children in Need

Everything else!

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