Superheroes, number hunts and hedgehogs! 16.10.20

Friday 16th October | 2 comments


This week we have introduced tricky word ‘to’. We have explained that when reading tricky words you cannot blend the letter sounds, you just need to learn that those letters make a particular word. We continued to practise the word ‘I’ too. Throughout the week we have introduced the phonemes for; m, d and g.


We have had an exciting week! We have learned about the number 5 and also about sorting. The children have explored different ways of making 5. We have found out that 1 and 4 makes 5. 3 and 2 makes 5 and 0 and 5 makes 5. We have joined in with numberblocks 5 too.

Everything else!

Meeting Hoggle!

2 responses to “Superheroes, number hunts and hedgehogs! 16.10.20”

  1. Helen Sharman says:

    Beatrice really enjoyed meeting Hoggle! Thank you

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