Nursery and Reception Home Learning – Monday 29th June

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This week we are going to focus on fairytale characters. Who are you going to be? A princess, a knight or a dragon? We have found lots of stories and activities for you to enjoy. Have fun!

When working your way through the tasks try to find ways of including reading, writing and maths daily. Maybe you could make a tricky word crown? Maybe you could read your favourite dragon book to a grown-up and spot words starting with a certain letter or sound? There are so many opportunities to squeeze your learning into your everyday play!


Let’s have a go at drawing some of the characters from our stories. When you have drawn your character could you label it with some describing words? If you’d like a challenge try to write a sentence about your character. Don’t forget capital letters, finger spaces and full stops!

Why not try to make a princess mask. You can decorate it by adding anything you like. When you have made your mask maybe you could write some instructions to tell your friends how you made it? This could be a big task so you might like to do some ‘team writing’ with a grown-up!

Maybe you could try to make your own sword and shield just like a knight. Don’t forget to add a name label to your sword! You don’t want another naughty knight to pinch it! Can you write your full name?

We would also like you to work on ordering your numbers to 20. We sent home some princess, knight and dragon numbers in your home learning packs. Have a go at cutting them out and ordering them correctly. Maybe think about one more and one less while you are ordering them.

Numbers sheets attached in case you have misplaced them.

You can also watch these ordering videos to help you.

As with previous weeks, you can find additional, printable resources on imoves and Twinkl. The links are below. We would like to to explore the phonics section of imoves and the princess and knights sections on Twinkl. Good luck.


Stories and Songs

Again there are lots of activities for you to discover on Twinkl. We have added the link below.

Nursery – Phonics

Environmental sounds game…

Here is some music to listen to. Does it make you think of princesses? It is a long clip so you only need to listen to short clips.

Body percussion…

Can you have a go with your family?

This is a rhyming story about a dragon written by Julia Donaldson. Do you know any other stories written by the same author?

Another rhyming story…

A tongue twisting alliteration rhyme to learn…

Which sound do most of these words begin with, s or t?

Here are some voice sounds for you to practise…

Reception – Phonics

Last week we saw lots of amazing writing. This week we are looking at more final clusters and sentence writing. We have added some videos to help start your phonics sessions and included further links on the planning sheet for support with each session. Good luck everyone.

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