Nursery and Reception Home Learning – 22nd June 2020

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Is that a roar we can hear??? We hope not!!! We have chosen to look at dinosaurs this week. We thought it would be nice for the children to research different dinosaurs. We have found some stories and songs for you to enjoy too. As always there are lots of different activities for you to choose and complete throughout the week. Good luck.


Could you become a dinosaur? Why not make some dinosaur footprints and stomp around!

How about making some dinosaur eggs?

Why not have a go at drawing a dinosaur….

If you like to get messy….. Have a go at paining your own dinosaur.

This week we would like you to think about one more and one less. We sent home some dinosaur eggs and a worksheet to help with this. Don’t worry if you cannot find them. We have attached copies below.

Have a look at the following videos to help you along the way.

The are lots of activities for you to enjoy on imoves. This week we would like you to enjoy the dinosaur section. Have fun!

Also don’t forget to look on Twinkl for additional printable worksheets.

Stories and Songs

A dinosaur dance…

Nursery Phonics

This week for our Environmental Sounds activity can you go on a listening walk? You could do a walk outside and then see which different sounds you can hear in your house.

Which sounds can you hear around your house?

Here is a piece of music to listen to. Which instrument can you hear? How does the music make you feel?

Can you close your eyes while you listen?

What creature does this music make you think of? Can you pretend to be a dinosaur?

As well as listening to this piece of music can you use parts of your body to make sounds to go with it?
A rhyming story

This week’s alliteration activity is ‘I spy’. Can you play this game with your family? Your grown up could begin with words which start with the same sound as your name begins with. Have fun!

For the ‘Voice sounds’ activity this week can you make sounds with your voice to go with our story ‘Peace at Last’? Your grown up could record you and put it on Tapestry for your teachers to listen to.

Reception Phonics

We have seen some fantastic work from you so far. This week we are looking at more blends and sentence writing. We have added some videos to help start your phonics sessions and included further links to the home planning sheet for support with each session. Good luck everyone.

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