Nursery and Reception Home Learning – 15th June 2020

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Ahoy there landlubbers! Are you ready to become a pirate? Anyone not trying their best this week will have to walk the plank!

Maybe you could make your own pirate hat and patch. Can you make yourself a pirate treasure map? Then we are ready to set sail!


Can you subtract like a pirate? Have a go by clicking on the link below and use your pirate subtraction sheet to help.


Can you follow the pirate to answer the addition questions? Have a go by clicking the link below and using your addition sheet.

Drawing Tutorials

Can you follow these tutorials to draw some pirates themed pictures? Listen carefully to the instructions and use your shape knowledge.

Pirate Crafts

Pirate Songs and Stories

Activity links Are still offering free trial accounts with lots of interactive resources. Once you have made an account you can access a huge variety of resources. This week we would particularly like you to look at the pirate section. Search ‘pirates’ and the resources will appear.

Don’t forget there are lots of additional, printable resources available on Twinkl. Hopefully, you have managed to create your own account. If not, do not worry, there is a link below to help you get started.

Nursery Phonics

Environmental sound game

Instrumental sounds

Body percussion –

Rhythm and rhyme –

Voice sounds –

Making trumpets

Try to make a trumpet using a simple cone of paper. Experiment by making different noises through the cone. Model sounds for your child such as up and down the wail of a siren, the honk of a fog horn, a peep, peep of a bird. Can you contrast loud and soft sounds? Have fun!

Alliteration –

Reception only – Phonics

This week we are looking at final clusters. Two letters at the end of a word that we ‘squash’ together. We have attached a planning sheet and separate word sheets for each day. Most of you will have these already from the packs we sent home. We have included videos to support your daily activities. Good luck and please contact us with any queries.

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