Nursery and Reception Home Learning – Monday 8th June 2020

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We hope that our weekly blogs are working for you as well as the daily blogs. Some families decided to complete a daily task selecting one or two activities from the selection whereas others decided to complete the majority of the week’s home learning during a themed day. We are happy for you to complete the tasks however works best for you and your family but we would recommend that you try to complete the phonics tasks daily.

Today is World Ocean Day. We thought it would be nice to think about our oceans and enjoys some stories with oceans in them. This week the main task is to research oceans. Have a look at the website below. There are lots of interesting facts to learn and activities to enjoy!

What do you already do at home to try and reduce the amount of plastic you are using? What more could you do?

Could you create a poster or video encouraging others to rethink how they use and waste plastics?

Water Play

This week’s theme is the perfect time for some water/messy play. Do you have any ocean animals that you could play with in the bath or a water tray? Take a look at some more ocean themed activities that you could do at home.

Imoves Are offering free trial accounts with lots of interactive PE resources. Once you have made an account you can access a huge variety of resources. This week we would particularly like you to look at the ‘Under the Sea’ section.

The Snail and the Whale

Please don’t feel like you have to stick to the Ocean theme all week. If your child shows a particular interest then go with it! For example, they might be particularly interested in the snail from this story.

Could you write a message like the snail does in this story? You could use black paper and chalk or glue with some glitter?

Can you find any snails in your garden or a local park? If you can maybe you could hold your own snail race? (Just make sure you are careful not to hurt any snails and wash your hands afterwards!)

5 Oceans Song

Could you watch this song and write down the names of the 5 Oceans? Maybe you could take a look at a map and label the oceans?

When we visit the seaside in the UK which Ocean do we see? Have you visited any other countries and seen any different Oceans? We’d love to see some photographs!

Ocean Animals

Which is a your favourite ocean animal? Could you draw and label a picture? Maybe you could write a sentence explaining why you like that particular animal.

How many legs does each animal have? Could you write each animals name along with how many legs it has? Which animal has the most? Which has fewest?

More Stories and Songs

Additional Resources to Print at Home

We understand that many people do not have access to a printer so we have tried to avoid activities that rely on access to a printer. Some families have been asking for additional, printable resources so may like to take a look at Twinkl. The video below explains how to go about accessing their resources.

Once you have your account details you should be able to search for and download resources. Try searching for ‘EYFS Under the Sea‘. If you have any problems with this please email your child’s Class Teacher.

Nursery Phonics

Over the next few weeks the blog will include some phonic activities specifically for Nursery children. These activities cover Phase 1 of ‘Letters and Sounds’. There are seven aspects of Phase 1 –

General sound discrimination – environmental sounds

General sounds – instrumental sounds

General sounds – body percussion

Rhythm and rhyme


Voice sounds

Oral blending and segmenting

An environmental sounds game
Listening to different instruments
A rhyming story
Can you make up an alliteration with your name?

Can you make different sounds with your voice? You could record them and put them on Tapestry.

Body percussion

Clapping game

Can you clap the names of all the people in you family? For example, if your name is Rebecca you will clap 3 times, Re bec ca. Can you clap the names of some vegetables?

Reception Phonics

This week we have tried to include a more structured approach to phonics. We will be looking at initial consonant clusters. These are two letters at the beginning of a word that we ‘squash’ together. We have attached a planning sheet and separate word sheets for each day. Most of you will have these already from the packs we sent home. We have included videos below to start your sessions and links within the planning to support your daily activities. Good luck and please contact us with any queries.

You should have received all of the phonics sheets below in your home learning pack. If you did not receive your pack please contact Miss Bray or Mrs Puddiphatt.

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