Nursery and Reception Home Learning – Wednesday 20th May

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Tapestry Challenge

Today’s challenge requires you to recognise and order numbers up to 20.

If given numbers 0-20 can your child put them in order?

If you remove one number can your child tell you which number is missing and explain how they know? E.g. I know number 13 is missing because 12 is the number before 13 and 14 is the number after 13.

Can you collect 20 leaves, write numbers on the leaves and thread them onto string to make yourself a natural number line? What else could you use instead of leaves?

You might like to get a grown-up to hide numbers around the house for you to find and order?

Could you stick numbers to your stairs so that you’re counting and recognising numbers every time you walk up the stairs?

Song of the Day

Story of the Day

Joke of the Day

Thank you Alfie for sending in today’s joke!

Reception only – Phonics

For guidance on how to use these phonics videos please take a look back at Monday’s blog.

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