Nursery and Reception Home Learning – Tuesday 19th May

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Tapestry Challenge

For today’s Tapestry Challenge we would like you to help a grown-up do the washing! Grown-ups will either love or hate this task but there are so many learning opportunities we couldn’t resist including it.

You’ll need to start by sorting the clothes by colour. Lots of opportunities to name colours, discuss and compare light/dark and talk about why we separate clothes before washing them. Which pile of clothes is the biggest?

Then you’ll need to help get the washing machine ready. How many washing tablets or how much liquid do you need? Can you carefully pour and measure the correct amount? Next, you’ll need to help your grown-up press the correct buttons. Can you see any numbers or letters on the washing machine?

Can you help your grown-up hang the washing out? Pegs can be a little tricky but they are great for working on our fine motor skills! How many items will you hang up? How long will it take for the washing to dry?

Finally, you can help fold and put the washing away. Can you sort the socks into matching pairs? You could use your counting in 2s skills to find out how many socks there are. How do you know which clothes belong to each member of your family? Are everyone’s clothes the same size?

Song of the Day

Story of the Day

Joke of the Day

Reception only – Phonics

For guidance on how to use these phonics videos please take a look back at yesterday’s blog.

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