Nursery and Reception Home Learning – Monday 18th May

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Tapestry Challenge

Today’s Tapestry challenge focuses on reading. Last week Reception children should have received more reading books in their home learning packs. Ideally, the children should spend some time reading each day. We understand that this is tricky as books are not being changed regularly so today we would like to give you some online reading ideas.

At school, we use Oxford Owl books. Currently, you are able to make a free home account and access their books online. Take a look at their website for more information.

Similar resources are also available through Collins. See the details below for how to access free online books.

Reading does not need to be the children reading an entire book by themselves. Reading to your child and inspiring a love for sharing stories is so important for young children! Try to talk about characters, plot and settings. Remembering storylines, making predictions and understanding texts is just as important as the reading itself.

When sharing stories at home try to ask questions throughout the story to check your child’s understanding and comprehension. Here are some questions you could ask your child as you read together.

Why did you choose this book?

If this character lived next door would we be friends?

How is that character feeling? Why?

What might happen on the next page?

Did you learn any new words in this book?

What was your favourite part of the story?

Who was your favourite character?

Lots of reception children have been asking for the next sets of key words. See the document below for all key words.

Song of the Day

Story of the Day

Joke of the Day

Reception only – Phonics

We are now going to share videos of our full phonics lessons as they would have been taught in school. Phonics is such a vital part of the school day we really want to give the children as many opportunities as possible to continue their learning.

A phonics lesson at school is around 20 minutes. We have split the video down into 4 sections but ideally, they should all be completed together. We have realised that Geraldine makes phonics videos look easy but we have tried our best and hopefully they will be a useful resource! Please let us know if you have any suggestions.


We start every phonics lessons revisiting the sounds previously taught. Each week we will cover all phase 2 and 3 sounds during these sections. If you have flashcards at home you might find your child prefers to complete the revisit section using those rather than watching the videos or using online resources such as . This is fine as long as each session starts with a recap of previous sounds. If you find your child is struggling with a particular sound try to include this daily during the revisit section.


During this section will focus on blending together sounds to form words. Feel free to pause this video if your child needs a little more time to think about each word. You could also introduce some writing here and get your child to write each word.

Teach & Practise

At this stage of the phonics lesson, we will introduce the sound of the day and practise reading writing words including the sound. Today’s sound is a consonant cluster made up of 2 sounds that we already know. Your child will need their whiteboard and pen or a pen and paper to complete this section.


To finish off our phonics lesson we will apply the new sound into sentence writing. Again, please pause the video when needed to ensure your child understands and has extra time if needed.

Please adapt this section to fit the needs of your child. At school, we often give very different levels of support. Some children will be happy to write the full sentence themselves whereas others may need a little encouragement. Try offering to write the sentence for your child and then ‘forgetting’ certain sounds or making silly mistakes. Your child will love helping you or correcting your work! We also regularly give the children the words on paper, in a random order for them to either copy in the correct order or stick onto their paper in the correct order. Don’t feel the need to have a huge family argument to get the writing done! Adapt the process to ensure that some learning takes place during each session.

Don’t forget to post your phonics work on Tapestry! We can’t wait to see your super writing!

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  1. Miss Hutchinson says:

    What fantastic Phonics lessons from the teachers in Reception!

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    Brilliant videos

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