Nursery and Reception Home Learning – Monday 11th May

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Tapestry Challenge

Today we would like you to work on your number and letter formation. You should have all received laminated sheets and whiteboards pens in your home learning packs that will be helpful for this task. If you did not receive a home learning pack please let your child’s class teacher know as soon as possible.

Try to use the same prompts that we use in school. When practising cursive letter formation we remind the children to start every letter on the line. If there is a particular letter that your child is struggling with there are lots of videos on youtube that can help. Search ‘Cursive ____ formation’ adding the sound that your child needs support with. We often use these videos at school so your child should be familiar with them.

The children should remember that when forming numbers we don’t start on the line. When forming numbers we always start at the top. Again, there are lots of support videos on youtube if needed.

Try finding alternative ways to practise number and letter formation to keep it interesting. You might like to use chalk outside, coloured pens on large paper or any of the ideas shown below-

Songs of the Day

Joke of the Day

Reception only – Phonics

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