Nursery and Reception Home Learning – Wednesday 6th May

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Tapestry Challenge

Today we would like to see you work on your subtraction skills! Remember subtraction means taking away.

How will you practise subtraction? Try to stick with numbers below 10 until you become more confident and use resources to support your learning.

If you would like a challenge try writing out number sentences.

Skittles can be used for a fun subtraction game. How many did you start with, how many did you take away (knockdown) and how many are left?

You could use toy ducks in a pond, animals in a field or cars in a car park to tell a subtraction story. Stories often help children to understand new concepts.

Maybe you could use lego or other bricks? How many in your tower? How many will a grown-up take away? How many are left?

Challenge: If a grown-up reads the problem to you can you write out the correct number sentence?

Song of the Day

Joke of the Day

Reception only – Phonics

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