Nursery and Reception Home Learning – Tuesday 5th May

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Tapestry Challenge

Today we would like you to think about daily events in your house. Lots of people have found that a daily routine or timetable is helping during the lockdown. If you have not already introduced one you might like to create one together today?

We would like the children to think about sequencing and ordering events. If given key points in the day e.g. breakfast, lunch, brushing teeth, snack time etc. can they put the events in order? Do they understand the concepts of morning and afternoon?

This could be an ideal opportunity to introduce some simple language regarding time. By the end of Reception children need to ‘use everyday language to talk about time’. This does not mean that they need to be able to tell the time independently but it does mean that they need to have a basic understanding.

Song of the Day

Joke of the Day

Reception only – Phonics

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