Another busy week!

Saturday 29th February | 2 comments


Phonics this week has included the tricky word ‘you’ and the revision of the phonemes /oa/ar/ee/igh/oo/. We have practised forming letter, writing words and writing sentences. The children are starting to understand basis sentence structure.


This week we have been combining two groups to find a total. We worked with numbers up to 20 and had lots of fun exploring different combinations. The children used the language of ‘add’ and ‘plus’ and were encouraged to explain their learning using full sentences e.g. ‘There are three pigs and two cows. Three add two equals 5.


Wow! What strange weather we have been having…. It didn’t stop Reception!


The children have enjoyed making and eating pancakes. The were given a choice of topping but asked to remember they need to be healthy!

Everything else

2 responses to “Another busy week!”

  1. Michelle Minton says:

    Thank you for taking them sledging. Zachary loved it!

  2. Ruth (Frank's mum) says:

    Frank has loved this week! He loved sledging and was very excited about making his own book! He is going to add more at home!

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