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Friday 7th February | No comments yet
We have been doing our daily ‘Disco Dough’ sessions since before Christmas and this week the children have been drawing pictures of themselves to see how much progress they have made. We are amazed at how evident each child’s progress is. Lots of children are now drawing bodies with limbs and almost all are drawing an identifiable body. Pencil grip has also improved and most children are using a pincer grip.
Over the last two weeks we have been looking at the number 2. We read the story of Puppy Number 2 and the children have been searching Nursery to find two objects. They have also learned that not just objects can be counted and have been clapping, jumping and tapping two times. This week the children have been representing number 2 by drawing 2 objects and then attempting to write the number.
We had a very kind donation of large rolls of paper which we used to practise our number 2 work. The children also enjoyed mark making on the large expanse of paper.
Continuing with child-led learning, some children made fruit kebabs…
And others were interested in dinosaurs…
Have a lovely weekend from the Nursery team.

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