A short but sweet week in Reception!

Saturday 1st February | 3 comments


We introduced the sounds /ee/ and /igh/ in phonics as well as the tricky word ‘be’. Can your child remember any words or sentences using the sounds or tricky word? If you practise at home we would love to see photographs on Tapestry!


This week we have focused on the numbers 8 and 9. The children have completed lots of different activities and are becoming much more confident using bigger numbers.


The children had lots of fun outside. We mixed together lemon juice and baking powder to create a reaction. We contained this is small pots until the lid popped off!

Mini-beast hunt

We explored the grounds on a hunt for mini-beasts! Even though is it not the right season for mini-beast hunting, we were optimistic! W£e managed to find lots of different creepy crawlies.

Everything else!

We hope you have a lovely weekend,

The Reception Team

3 responses to “A short but sweet week in Reception!”

  1. Claire Ackers says:

    Looks like another fab week!!

  2. Sumera Ibrahim says:

    Lots of fun and games!

  3. Saima says:

    Amazing fun!!

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