Stay and read in Nursery

Friday 17th January | No comments yet
On Wednesday this week we held our first ‘Stay and Read’ sessions at the beginning of both the morning and afternoon sessions. Several parents stayed to share a story with their child and everyone really enjoyed the experience. We will continue to hold these sessions every Wednesday so if you weren’t able to stay this week then please try to stay soon.
Lots of other things have been happening as well. Some children have been making models…
Others have been playing with friends or being busy by themselves…
We continue to do ‘Dough Disco’ with our children to develop their fine motor skills and the connections between their brains and their bodies. This week we have started ‘Write dance’ which develops gross motor skills and promotes core strength. Have a look on YouTube and have a go at home. The children have been doing ‘Banana Boogie’ and ‘Stuck in the Mud!’ Have fun!
Have a good weekend, from the Nursery team.

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