A star studded Reception

Friday 13th December | 3 comments


This week we have looked at the phonemes x and y. We have spent some extra time focusing on letter names as some children are still a little unsure of a few. Have a look at the video below to help practise with your child.


This week we have introduced time (not telling the time just yet- don’t panic!). We have been using vocabulary such as before, after, first, next and last. We also continued to learn our days of the week and started to discuss today, yesterday and tomorrow. Lots of children find these concepts tricky so practise at home would be helpful. We used our school dinner menu to discuss our meals today, tomorrow and yesterday as well what we will eat before and after a given meal.

We have also introduced the concept of a minute. The children had a great time trying to count how many of a certain movement or action they could complete in a minute.

Dragon Eggs

Some children found some dragon eggs outside and decided to build a nest. They were amazed when they came to school the next day and found that the eggs had hatched and the Mummy Dragon had left a letter. It inspired the children to write their own letters. They did a fantastic job using sound mats for support.


As usual the weather never stops us!

Our performance

We are extremely proud of all the Foundation Stage children for their efforts during our two performances. It was fabulous seeing the children performing so confidently. Well done everyone!

Have a lovely weekend,

The Reception Team

3 responses to “A star studded Reception”

  1. Frank's mum says:

    Frank really enjoyed when the dragon eggs hatched ! He thought it was very exciting!

  2. Emma says:

    We really enjoyed watching Lewis and his class friends in the performance. They did great. Well done everyone. 👍🏻

  3. Sumera Ibrahim says:

    Always a pleasure to watch the kids learn. I did wonder why Shaheer kept asking what time will we be doing things! Absolutely loved the kids performance at the nativity, well done to them all.

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