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This week in Phonics we have been looking at ‘ss’ and ‘j’. The children have played ‘find the phoneme’ and ‘find the word’. They have practised saying and writing the sounds before looking at words that contain them. We have focused on sentences this week. While working in pairs, we have made sentences that read correctly.


Maths this week supported our understanding of 1 more and 1 less. We have played lots of games, used pictorial and concrete representations and even sang the Conga!

Jump, jump and jump!

This week we set up some jumps in our playground. Without any adult prompts the children organised themselves into a queue and were fantastic at taking turns! Some of the jumps were a bit high but lots of children gave them a try.

Outside fun (and mess!)

Rainy weather doesn’t stop our outside fun!


Thank you to the Children’s Centre for donating their quiz night table decorations. The children really enjoyed exploring the sea!

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