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Friday 22nd November | 1 comment
Another busy week!

We have been practising for our two Christmas performances. The children are doing very well learning the songs and today we had our first run through with the reception classes. A great success for the first try.

The performances are on Tuesday 9th December at 9.30am and Thursday 11th December at 2pm. The children will be performing on the day or days they attend Nursery and you will receive a plan of the stage nearer the time to show which side your child will be seated at.

In our ‘Funky Finger’ area this week we have had several different sized jars. This activity involves matching skills, size ordering as well as using their motor skills to screw the lids on to the jars.

We have also had some coloured rice for the children to experience. They have been talking about what it feels like as well as using their fine motor skills to make marks and patterns.
Some children wanted to bake this week so they helped to set up the activity and source the ingredients and equipment they needed. They had great fun making shortbread!
Have a lovely weekend, from the Nursery team.

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  1. Ruth Fain says:

    The shortbread was excellent – thank you!

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