Lots of learning in Reception

Friday 22nd November | 1 comment


This week we have continued to practice the previously learnt tricky words (I, to, the, go and no). We have been spotting these words in sentences and having a go at writing them. The children have learnt the phoneme l and the digraph ll. We have looked at words with these sounds in them and then had a go at writing them.


Such a busy maths week! The children have been solving practical problems involving 1 less. We have used lots of different manipulative to show 1 less and had a go at writing number sentences. We have continued our mathematical language by encouraging the children to use few/fewest and less/least. We’ve organised a tea party and acted out 5 little speckled frogs!

Busy Bee books

This week we have introduced the children to writing sentences. We have discussed what is needed (Capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop) to create a good sentence. Some of the children have had a go at writing a sentence in their Busy Bee books.

Outside fun!

We have experienced a range of weather conditions this week. But nothing stops us from getting outside.


Some children wanted to bake. We discussed adding healthy ingredients, measurements and safety when cooking.


This week the whole of Reception took part in a joint PE lesson. We had an exciting morning rehearsing for the upcoming show and therefore decided to complete some exercise videos together. We had lots of fun!

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  1. Sumera iOrahim says:

    Wow they have been very busy!

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