Adding one more, cosy stories and fancy dress!

Friday 15th November | 1 comment

Pudsey Bear!

We had a special visitor this week! The children were very excited when we told them we were having a visitor. They made him feel very welcome with hugs and high-fives! Thank you to Finley’s Mum and Olivia’s Mum for organising and supporting Pudsey.


This week we have been practising our previously learnt ‘tricky words’. We looked at; to, the, I, go and no.

We have focused on ‘f’ and ‘ff’ this week. Looking at the sounds and the formation. This is quite a tricky letter to form. Any practise at home will be beneficial.


Maths has been very exciting this week. The children have been focusing on ‘one more’. On Monday we organised a tea party for the three little pigs and helped them add one more of everything when an unexpected visitor arrived. We have been adding one more with various different resources and are even starting to write number sentences. On Thursday we had a very excited maths lesson in the hall. We were all turned into frogs and enjoyed adding one more frog to each lily pad- we were rather noisy frogs!

All snuggled up for a cosy story

This week the weather has been cold and wet so we decided to snuggle up for a story by the fire! The book we read had lots of adjectives to hopefully inspire the children for their Children In Need outfits.

Children in Need Fun

We have had an exciting and busy day. We put money on Pudsey Bear, joined in with some Joe Wick’s Children in Need exercise videos and read with our reading buddies from Year 3.

Homework this week is to practise cursive letter formation.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend and you don’t get too wet!

The Reception Team

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  1. Caroline (Evie A's mum) says:

    Evie really enjoyed her day and going to school in her pyjamas! Well done to all of the Reception children and staff for making such a huge effort to raise money for a fantastic cause.

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